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This new project will be added to a series of vital projects that aim to keep pace with the rapid technical progress around the globe

KUWAIT CITY — The Kuwait Minister of Information Mohammad Al-Jabri on March 8 launched a project to update shortwave transmitters at Kabd station from analog to digital, with plans in place to use the open standard Digital Radio Mondiale, according to .

Kabd station, with the new DRM system, will allow “Kuwait’s voice” to reach the entire Middle East region, Europe and Asia, the minister noted.

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This new project for the ministry will be added to a series of vital projects that aim to keep pace with the rapid technical progress around the globe, Al-Jabri told KUNA and the Kuwait TV. 

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Commercial Radio Australia CEO Joan Warner spoke about the uniqueness of radio as compared to online competitors

KUALA LUMPUR — The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union held its Digital Broadcasting Symposium in Kuala Lumpur. Let’s take a look at some of the more germane news, as reported by .

Joan Warner, CEO of Commercial Radio Australia and well-known radio advocate, spoke to the delegates about the uniqueness of our medium when stacked up against new competitors online, including social media. “In radio’s case, and it has happened in some countries, is they’ve forgotten what people value about radio is it’s live and local – you can talk to people, you can talk to your Prime Minister live on air if you want to, you can tweet, you can engage via social media.

“Traditional broadcasters have to remember what the key strengths are (of radio) and don’t be frightened by the future. But also don’t feel so threatened, as some people in traditional media seem to feel, because the billions of people listening to radio around the world are not going away any time soon.”

Why do we never hear Warner speaking in the US? It’d be great to have her address the NAB Show.

Alexander Zink, senior business development Manager at Fraunhofer IIS, was asked about the potential impact of India’s DRM rollout on the rest of the world. “Whatever’s going on in India and the big members of ABU like Indonesia…definitely has an impact on the rest of the world.”

“Digitizing the FM band (in India) in particular will give the opportunity for smartphone manufacturers to support digital radio there under the FM band natively with a simple firmware upgrade on the devices without requiring any additional chips,” he said, quoted in the same article.

Zink talked about private broadcasters in India already getting excited about the possibilities of digital radio, and there will be “great reverberations from the whole Asia-Pacific region, where the big smartphone manufacturers are, and yes there is lots of impact on the whole region.” 

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CBU to Host DRM Webinar

A new webinar series focuses on digital radio

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados — The Caribbean Broadcasting Union has announced its inaugural Digital Radio webinar series with the topic of Digital Radio Mondiale.

While the emphasis has been placed so far on the transition from analog to digital television, digital audio broadcasting is now coming into focus with broadcasters and manufacturers offering solutions for digital radio. Two standards for digital radio are Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) and Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB/DAB+). Both the DRM Consortium and WorldDAB have partnered with the Union at its Annual Assemblies in Havana in 2016 and in Nassau in 2017 to share with CBU radio members the options and benefits of digital radio and the best ways to transition to the digital age in radio.

CBU members can learn more about the two standards during a series of webinars that will get underway in March 2018 with the DRM webinar. During the DRM webinar scheduled for 11 a.m. (Eastern Caribbean time) on March 22, CBU members will hear from experts: DRM Chair Ruxandra Obreja, Alexander Zink of Fraunhofer IIS in Germany and Matthias Stoll from Ampegon, Switzerland. This event will focus on just why digital radio can be a better option than analog for listeners and for the industry. Business models for digital radio operations in small markets and opportunities for training of staff will also be touched upon. 

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