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Software will analyze both prerecorded and live media

Radio advertising can be a cutthroat business, as stations and groups are searching for new ways to use technology to gain a competitive edge. Entercom Communications believes it has found one through the use of artificial intelligence. The broadcaster has announced a partnership with Veritone Inc. which involves the use of their platform at Entercom’s over 235 stations.

Entercom elaborates that it expects that aiWARE will deliver actionable insights from previously unstructured data, as well as critical capabilities such as indexing for search and discovery. It is claimed that this will be accomplished via verifying, monitoring and repurposing aired content, and not just preproduced material, but also live streams. The software is already used by major sports broadcasters and organizations to maximize their audience reach, fan affinity, and ultimately, sponsorship revenue.

“The market for radio broadcast is evolving rapidly, and continued and major growth is expected,” adds Bob Philips, chief revenue officer at Entercom. “We’re expect to begin delivering new value to our listeners and partners, and focusing our efforts on new projects that will continue to drive us forward.” He adds that they expect to use aiWARE to verify campaign deliveries, reaffirm sponsorship value with shareable analytics, and monitor in-game detection of speech, sentiment and more.

Broadcasters are familiar with Veritone through its work with the media, but this artificial intelligence company’s software is also used to analyze structured and unstructured data for clients in a variety of markets, including legal, compliance and government. Their open platform integrates an ecosystem of cognitive engines, which can be orchestrated together, and a suite of proprietary applications, to reveal previously undiscovered multivariate insights from linear files such as radio and TV broadcasts, surveillance footage as well as public and private content globally.

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Auralex SonoLite SonoKits Available

Acoustic treatment-in-a-box for small spaces

Acoustic treatment specialist Auralex has announced that its SonoLite SonoKits are now available.

The modular DIY room acoustic treatment-in-a-box kits consist of wall-mounted fabric-wrapped Auralex Studiofoam acoustic absorption panels and mounting adhesive. They are modeled after the company’s Studiofoam Roominator kits and should allow users to reduce unwanted acoustical reflections and tame excessive reverberations in both professional and residential settings.

A SonoLite panel can be used for wall or ceiling applications, and included bass trap panels can be installed in either vertical or horizontal orientations where walls and ceilings meet.

Standard SonoLite panels are one-inch thick x two feet wide x two feet tall while the SonoLite bass traps are three inches thick x two feet wide x two feet tall. Colors available are tan and black.

The SonoLite SonoKit-1includes eight SonoLite panels, two SonoLite bass traps and 40 EZ-Stick Pro adhesive tabs. It is recommended for rooms 228 sq. ft. and smaller.

The SonoLite SonoKit-2 includes 12 SonoLite panels, four SonoLite bass traps and 64 EZ-Stick Pro adhesive tabs. The company says that it is recommended for rooms 228 sq. ft. and larger.

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The new feature is part of NoiseScout

SCHAAN, Lichtenstein — The XL2 Sound Level Meter can now be remotely controlled from a web browser, and recorded measurement data is available for download, NTi Audio says.

To set up remote operation, the XL2 is connected to a NetBox (v1.60 or higher), which transmits the data via 3G or LAN, according to a press release.

The XL2 Sound Level Meter stores measurement data locally, and users can assess available storage space and the current supply voltage via the web browser, the company says. While the measurement is in progress, levels, third-octave spectral data and audio filescan be manually downloaded to a computer or the download can be scheduled to your data server using any FTP software that supports the secure SFTP protocol.

In addition to the SFTP access, all optional remote measurement commands available on the XL2 are supported. Users can program a customized measurement application for remote sound level monitoring, audio analysis or automated measurement tasks.

The new remote control feature is part of NoiseScout, NTi’s unattended noise monitoring solution. The feature gives customers the choice selecting between a flexible remote monitoring and a fully managed service.

NTi Audio provides the infrastructure for the Gateway connection to the XL2 Sound Level Meter. This service is offered as an annual subscription or with a usage-based service model.

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