BSI Simian Automation Software

Catholic Radio Services

With over 10 years of experience working in Catholic Radio and with Catholic Radio stations, I am sure that we can help you with whatever you need done. We primarily provide services, such as automation/production machine builds and BSI Simian automation software management and training, but we so work closely with network of colleagues who can provide engineering services and legal services. 

Stations we have worked with:

Immaculate Heart Radio
The Guadalupe Radio Network
The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio Network
Catholic Radio Network
Real Presence Radio
Archangel Radio
Queen of Heaven Radio
Saint Gabriel Radio
Divine Mercy Catholic Radio, FL
Salt & Light Catholic Radio
Domestic Church Media
Holy Family Radio, MI
Annunciation Radio
Divine Mercy Radio, North Caronlina
Catholic Community Radio, LA
Bay Catholic Radio
KQHE, Queen of Heaven Radio, Fairbanks, AK

Automation Computer Specs:

BSI USA Price $5,799 plus shipping

Mystical Rose Media Price $4000 (est)* plus shipping
**Computer build cost based on necessary parts and their current value** 

Why can't you just buy a computer? Your Air machine needs a certain build that will allow Simian to run at peak efficiency, it is temperamental software.


  • Item Price: Automation Computer Build $4000 (est)
  • Item Price: Automation Software/Log Management $50/hour or $500/month/retainer

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