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He was NPR’s 18th employee and currently works for the pubcaster

Bruce Wahl addresses the Maryland Municipal League

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Association of Public Radio Engineers has announced Bruce Wahl as the 2018 APRE Engineering Achievement Award honoree. The award will be presented April 6 at the Public Radio Engineers Conference Dinner in Las Vegas.

Wahl broke into the radio industry by serving as the American Forces Vietnam Network as officer in charge of the AM, FM and TV detachment in Pleiku for the U.S. Army.

He was hired in March 1971 as National Public Radio’s 18th employee. He is now senior solutions architect for NPR’s distribution division, but has had a variety of roles in and out of public radio throughout his career.

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Wahl’s initial work at NPR was to assist in building the organization’s first broadcast facility. After completing a temporary home near the White House, a more complete facility was built about six blocks away at 2025 M Street which went on the air in 1972.

He later became the technical plant supervisor. As NPR transitioned to satellite delivery of programming, Wahl became the manager for the new Satellite Operating Support System.

In 1984 Wahl left NPR to create systems as a subcontractor for McCurdy, including one project for the ABC Radio Networks and another for the Mutual Broadcasting System. Other projects included systems integration for Sirius Satellite Radio.

In late 2003, Wahl returned to NPR as the deputy director for distribution information systems. In 2008, he was promoted to his current position. He has recently collaborated with member stations on the “Tornado Alley” project.

“Since the 1970s, Bruce Wahl has been a major contributor to public radio engineering and is highly respected in our field,” said APRE Board President Steve Johnston.

Wahl is also active in community service and politics. In 1989, he was appointed to fill a vacant seat on the Chesapeake Beach Town Council, a position he held until 2008, when he ran for mayor and served in that role for eight years. In 2013, Wahl ran for the office of president-elect of the Maryland Municipal League, the organization of all 157 municipalities in the state. In 2014, he became the league’s president and completed his year with the theme of “Civility in Government.”

Previous APRE Engineering Achievement Award recipients include:

  • Dan Mansergh KQED
  • Ralph Hogan, past founding president of APRE
  • Ralph Woods, NPR
  • Bud Aiello, NPR
  • Gray Frierson Haertig, Consulting Engineer
  • Michael LeClair, chief engineer for WBUR(FM)
  • Mike Starling, former vice president of Technology Research Center and NPR Labs
  • Roger Karwoski, Assistant Manager and Director of Engineering for KBIA
  • Donald Creighton, VP of Technology for Minnesota Public Radio and APM
  • Richard Cassidy, Director of IT and New Media for WAMU(FM), Washington
  • Wayne Hetrich, one of NPR’s 30 original employees
  • Chuck Leavens, Director of Engineering and IT management for WDUQ, Pittsburgh
  • Marty Bloss, former Director of Technology at NPR
  • Don Danko, Vice President for Engineering, Cincinnati Public Radio
  • John Kean of NPR Labs, part of NPR Distribution’s Technology Research Center
  • Jim McEachern of NPR
  • Mike Pappas of KUVO in Denver
  • Doug Vernier of V-Soft Communications

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Pre-NAB Show PREC18 event planned for April 5–6

CHARLOTTE — Not to be lost in the maelstrom that leads up to the NAB Show, the Association of Public Radio Engineers will convene their annual get-together, April 5–6, at their new traditional haunt, the Tuscany Suites.

PREC18 , as it’s called, will feature speakers on topics ranging from hurricane recovery to program production and distribution to legal issues to broadcast IT security.

Some familiar names on hand presenting: David Layer, NAB; Keyur Parikh, GatesAir; Michael LeCalir, WBUR(FM); Jeff Holdenrid, DoubleRadius; Stu Buck, Arctic Palm; Tom Silliman, ERI; Steve Dove, Wheatstone; Rob Byers, NPR; and Wayne Pecena, Texas A&M.

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APRE President Steve Johnston will address attendees and there’ll be an awards session concluding the convention.

Register here .

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Here are two more presentations that should convince you to head to Sin City for NAB Show this year

Once per year, the center of the broadcasting universe is in Las Vegas. You need to be there. 

If you still need a little help deciding, let’s look at some additional presentations to be made at this year’s NAB 2018 Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference. Last time we brought up a couple of interesting ones happening on Saturday; this time, we look at Sunday. And, keep in mind this is only a small fraction of what is going on. Take a look here to see the entire schedule.

Keyur Parikh, director of GatesAir’s Intraplex Business Unit, will present Reliability for E2X and other IP traffic across Radio Studio to Transmitter Link on Sunday, from 10:40 a.m. until noon in N260-D. The abstract reads as follows:

“While the IP based Studio to Transmitter Links (STLs) have both reduced operational cost and increased connection flexibility, they are prone to packet losses that can degrade the quality. To overcome quality problems due to packet losses, audio over IP codec vendors have come up with innovative methods such as dual-streaming, FEC etc. While these methods provided reliability for the main audio and FM MPX signals, broadcasters were still struggling to achieve reliability and security for all other network traffic across the STL, most notably, HD Radio’s Exporter to Exciter (E2X) stream. Packet losses with E2X stream can have a detrimental effect on the quality, which is causing most broadcasters to locate HD Radio equipment at the transmitter site. In this paper, we will introduce a new IP technique which leverages the current transport technology for the main audio and extends it to reliably transport any TCP/IP application packets, including E2X streams, multiplexed or non-multiplexed with the main audio signal. We will review details on how the technique protect critical application data against both packet losses and security threats and becomes a key enabler for broadcasters to locate their FM and HD processing equipment at the Studio. We will also describe different operational use cases where this technique is being used to accomplish reliability of audio, E2X and other IP traffic over public networks.”

Ken Tankel, product manager for Linear Acoustic, will be giving the presentation “Latest Updates on Audio over IP & AES67″ on Sunday, also from 10:40 to noon, but in N260.

“Audio over IP has been a revolutionary innovation, changing almost everything about how the job of professional audio gets done. The hallmark of a true revolution is that it keeps going, the change keeps evolving and growing. This paper will give an overview of the current state of the audio over IP technology, and its impact on the industry as of 2018. Coverage will include the use of AES67 as part of the latest SMPTE standards, the growth of interoperation of both industry standards and proprietary AoIP systems, the penetration into the automotive, entertainment, government, and public address wired sound systems. “

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