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The digital Best of Show Guide is now available

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Hot off the digital presses, this Best of Show Program Guide is a great way to learn about new products introduced at the spring NAB Show for TV/video, radio and pro AV professionals.

This digital guide features nearly 300 nominated products in the 2018 Future Best of Show Awards program, and highlights the winners. The guide allows companies to tell you in their own words why they believe a certain product is noteworthy; and it offers an excellent sampler of new technology from the convention floor.

Read it online here.

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Think your generator isn’t important? Think again

As power outages and other major challenges continue to confront Puerto Rico more than seven months after Hurricane Maria made landfall, it’s hard to imagine any positive consequences that may have come from the storm. 

But Ryan Bell of the Columbia Journalism Review highlighted one bright spot in a recent article: The natural disaster may have inadvertently reinvigorated AM radio.

He points to Mayagüez-based station WKJB(AM), which remained on air during and after the hurricane — in part because the station had learned the hard way when Hurricane Georges blew through the island in 1998. The staff had installed a backup power generator and a reinforced antenna.

[Even if your station isn’t in the path of hurricane season, Marty Hadfield can teach you about emergency preparedness — his station survived Hurricane Katrina.]

The information the station and its mostly volunteer staff put on the air was crucial during the month-plus period that television station were off the air and digital publications were off line.

Read the full CJR story online here. It’s a good reminder about the importance of emergency preparedness as we head into another hurricane season.

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Here’s some of what you may have missed at the LVCC

LAS VEGAS — If you didn’t make it to this year’s NAB Show, here’s your chance to get a flavor of the show floor.

Contributor and broadcast engineer Chris Wygal strolled through exhibit halls, camera in hand, and this is some of what he saw.

View the 26 images of this gallery on the original article

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Davicom Cuts to the Cortex

New remote control platform debuted at NAB Show

LAS VEGAS — Remote monitoring and control system developer Davicom is debuting a new platform at the 2018 NAB Show.

Cortex360, according to Davicom, is designed to be energy efficient, yet offer a wide range of features and performance parameters.

Its operational range is pegged at –40 to 158 degrees F. It has eight analog sensor inputs, 16 status inputs with independent grounds, eight Form C relay outputs and 128 SNMP commands. With a Davicom Modbus interface and SNMP add-ons the number of commands can be expanded to 1,028.

Communications interfaces include voice, dial-up modem, two-way radio, text message and SNMP. A four-port USB hub and four-port network switch are also included.

Dual-module memory allows for rock-solid backup and recovery, even in unstable conditions.

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AES67 board for Nexus network

LAS VEGAS — Console and broadcast production network equipment builder Stage Tec is adding an AES67 fiber optic and IP network interface board.

Called XFIP, it is AES67-compatible, supporting a maximum of 256 channels in and 256 channels out. The board is configured via a web interface and is backward-compatible with legacy Nexus network equipment.

The onboard AES67 module was developed with Stage Tec partner DirectOut Technologies.

XFIP supports redundant audio transmission according to SMPTE 2022-7. Stage Tec adds that “developing the XFIP router board, Stage Tec is following recommendations for the standards-based AIMS roadmap with the objective of SMPTE ST 2110.”

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“Connected” means more than just transmission and reception of data, according to NAB Show session

LAS VEGAS — The word “connected” in the topic of connected cars represents more than just transmission and reception of data. That was the focus of the Sunday NAB Show Digital Futures Exchange session “New Business in Connected Car.” Attendees learned that those data connections provide much more than just information — they provide an opportunity to reach the audience behind the windshield with personally relevant information.

Audi Development Engineer Christian Winter (shown at right) spoke about the company’s hybrid radio that is featured in European versions of the Audi A8 and A6. Winter showed the system capabilities. The system is based on the RadioDNS architecture; Winter is a member of the RadioDNS steering board.

He says that the hybrid radio system for North American versions provides capability for AM and FM HD radio reception. “We love radio. It is still the number one button and the first tile on the shortcut [menu] screen.”

A demonstration of the system is located at the RadioDNS booth (N6021).

General Motors Director of Global Data Monetization Saejin Park was responsible for the rollout of 4G LTE data capability in GM vehicles. In her presentation, Park said GM has around 13 million vehicles with the OnStar system on the road today, and 8.5 million of those vehicles are 4G LTE-capable. That scale provides an opportunity to broadcasters. “You can get information on what the consumer inside is listening to, along with GPS data. When you have that kind of data, that kind of information, you can understand their listening habits.” Because of this capability, she said, “The automobile and radio industries have a chance to become more interesting and meaningful” in the coming years.

Avis Budget, one of the biggest automobile consumers, has embraced the connected car as a way to better connect with its customers. Panelist Jeff Kaelin, global vice president for product and customer experience for the Avis Budget Group, described his idea of a connected car: “a vehicle that we are able to interact with leveraging telematics equipment, and that allows us to gather information from the vehicle and communicate with the vehicle.”

Kaelin said that connectivity filters down to the entertainment options so Avis can provide “a personalized and customized experience for our consumers.”

The company has a fleet of more than 60,000 connected cars around the world; it expects to have more than 100,000 such cars by the end of summer 2018 and has committed to a global 100-percent connected car fleet by the end of 2020.


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Pai is circulating a petition on ways to better resolve translator station interference

LAS VEGAS — More modernization efforts are coming out of the offices of the Federal Communications Commission, according to Chairman Ajit Pai during an NAB Show event on Tuesday.

At the “We Are Broadcasters Celebration,” the chairman announced he shared a proposal with his colleagues to update FCC rules on translator interference. This Notice of Proposed Rulemaking follows on a petition for rulemaking filed by NAB that would, among other things, allow translator stations to resolve interference by moving to any available frequency using a minor modification application and require a minimum number of interference complaints to support any interference claim.

The goal, Pai said, is to simplify and expedite the complaint process.

Pai also announced that the FCC would soon open a special displacement window for LPTV and translator stations who need to move to new channels as a result of the incentive auction. Congress previously authorized the commission to reimburse LPTVs and translators as well as FM radio stations as part of this reorganization process.

During the session, Pai touched on the other ways the FCC is focused on radio broadcasters, including the recent efforts the commission has made to combat pirate radio. Starting from January 2017, Pai said, the Enforcement Bureau has undertaken 306 pirate-radio investigations and has issued 210 Notices of Unlicensed Operation, a 101% increase in pirate enforcement compared to the previous year. Last year the FCC also began last year holding property owners liable for supporting pirate activity on their property.

During the session Pai also touted the different ways in which broadcasters have supported local communities, and said he believes the FCC’s job is “to create a regulatory environment that enables you to keep doing great work like this. A big part of that is modernizing our media rules to match the marketplace and technology of today.”

Each of the decisions the FCC has made under his tenure follows what he called “a basic philosophical choice about moving forward or looking backward. And on each, we’ve made the right choice — for broadcasters and consumers alike,” he said, saying that broadcasters should be allowed to innovate, that rules should match the modern marketplace, that broadcast service should be extended to more communities and that outdated regulations should be scrapped.

“When you look at all of our media decisions together, the larger picture becomes clear: we are simply allowing any and every broadcaster the ability to compete in a free market, unshackled by regulations that no longer make sense,” Pai said to applause.

The chairman also touted the way that broadcasters serve their community at this new session, which combined the NAB TV Chairman’s Award, Crystal Radio Awards and Engineering Achievement Awards into one event.

“If there has been a dominant theme of the past year for broadcasters, I would say it’s been your role as first informers,” Pai said. He pointed to broadcast stations in the mainland U.S. that have embraced public health issues and charity efforts as well as stations in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands who served as first informers during the 2017 hurricane season.

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Products were chosen from the show floor in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS — Here are the recipients of the 2018 Best of Show at NAB Award from Radio magazine. 

  • Blackloud SOUNDOT AF1 & CF1 Headsets with FM Chip
  • Broadcast Bionics Smart Speaker Toolkit
  • Davicom Cortex360 Remote Site Management System
  • DEVA DB-45
  • GatesAir Flexiva FMXi 4g HD Radio Exporter
  • Wheatstone PR&E EMX-IP Digital Audio Console
  • Worldcast APT Mobile SureStreamer

Watch for the Program Guide coming in a few weeks, that will present all of the nominees and winners, with product photos and all their details!

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EMX is an AoIP control surface

LAS VEGAS — Following last year’s DMX debut, Wheatstone is beginning to make a tradition of introducing PR&E consoles at the NAB Show.

The new EMX offers four stereo main buses, two stereo aux buses, an offline bus plus a dedicated two-channel telco record output, and a separate bus-minus feed from each channel. Channels also offer pan, EQ/dynamics, selectable talkback and a programmable control nob. It is available in 16, 20 and 28-fader configurations with single and extended frame options.

Naturally, the EMX is at home in the WheatNet-IP network environment with an onboard Gigabit Ethernet switch. It works with the PR&E Mix Engine.

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PR&E Field Service Engineer Richard Maddox said, “Having three user programmable buttons on each fader channel allows for a wide range of custom configurations to match studio formats and workflows, and its Ethernet connectivity and ACI interface allow for remote control ability from across the hall or across the country.”

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All-in-one solution measures radiation compliance in the 100 kHz to 3.6 GHz frequency range

Aldena’s new compact Selective Electric Isotropic Triaxial Antenna Probe (SEP) is specifically designed to measure elements of the electromagnetic field in the 100 kHz to 3.6 GHz frequency range.

The spectrum analyzer and three-axis antenna (with an integrated RF switch) are fitted inside one unit. This facilitates the operator’s work in the field, who then only has to calibrate just one instrument instead of three (analyzer, cable and antenna).

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Aldena explains that SEP’s three-dipole antennas are directly connected to the receiver, which minimizes isotropy error. In addition, users can connect SEP to a PC via a fiber-optic cable to control several functions via dedicated software including channel power, multichannel power, settable markers, maximum hold, RMS and average in a selectable time.

SEP weights 370 grams/13 ounces and can be mounted on drones.

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