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Omnia.11 gets the “Pepino” clipper

CLEVELAND — The Telos Alliance is bringing to the NAB Show a major software update to its Omnia.11 processor.

New for Version 3.5 is the “Pepino” clipper, a final clipper designed by Frank Foti. According to a release, “Foti redesigned the clipper section to perfectly compliment Omnia.11’s G-Force dynamics engine.”

In addition to Pepino, V 3.5 offers improved high-frequency handling and more consistent bass response; smoother transitions when switching between presets with extremely different EQ and compression characteristics; improved audio consistency for better blending between FM and HD channels, including a unified FM/HD bass clipper; a new “Phat Bass” update for richer bass presence; improved sound in the low-latency DJ section; an improved HD look-ahead limiter in HD-enabled units; a warmer and cleaner live/dry voice performance; a Transient Detail Enhancer in the dynamics section offers smarter and more powerful RMS control in the AGCs, designed to produce an increase in loudness to match the performance of the Pepino clipper.

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Orban says “new way” to process AM five years in the making

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. — In what might turn out to be a NAB Show buzz creator, processor maker Orban says it will demonstrate “a new way to manage audio processing for AM stations.”

According to a release, the XPN-AM is the result of more than five years of research by Bob Orban. It promises add 3–5 dB more apparent loudness to programming with 6–8 dB less distortion than any other processor on the market. That’s a tall order.

Orban President David Day said, “Over the years, AM listeners have had to contend with increased RF noise from everyday devices such as computers or CFL/LED lighting. … A good solution on the part of AM broadcasters is to adjust audio processing for more apparent loudness. However, traditional audio processors usually experience an increase in distortion when they do this, and it keeps stations from realizing their desired ‘signature’ on the AM dial. XPN-AM fixes this. It’s both loud and incredibly clean.”

According to a release, Bob Orban will demo the XPN-AM in an A-B comparison mode with other AM processors. Orban explained, “In 2010, Orban first introduced its disruptive MX limiter technology in Optimod-FM 8600. The MX limiter uses a psychoacoustic model to significantly lower distortion, increase transient punch, and improve high frequency power handling capability. For the first time, Orban’s XPN-AM now brings this same revolutionary limiter technology to AM radio, providing a unprecedented combination of loudness, cleanliness, crispness, speech intelligibility and coverage.”

Day added: “AM is most definitely NOT dead. Some of the top billing radio stations in the USA are AM operations. With XPN-AM, AMs across the country can now claim their rightful place as leaders on the dial.”

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