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Dielectric shared images of the newly installed DCR-S Series FM radio antenna

RAYMOND, Maine — From Dielectric come these great pictures of a newly installed DCR-S Series FM radio antenna on the 977-foot-high Sutro Tower in San Francisco.

“We chose this Dielectric antenna because we know their designs meet our structural and electrical requirements, which are that the products must be robust, with a decades-long lifecycle,” said Sutro Tower Inc. Chief Operating Officer Eric Dausman.

[Read about KQED’s four-year renovation saga.]

According to Dausman, the DCR-S antenna features broadband and multi-channel capabilities and covers spectrum from 88 to 98 MHz, which enables broadcasters to multiplex signals.

For those unfamiliar with the landmark, it was built in 1973 and is owned by a consortium of four broadcasters. In total, Sutro Tower hosts about 300 antennas. According to the announcement from Dielectric, the the tower is used by four FM stations, 12 TV stations and 35 wireless radio communication users and others to distribute their signals across the Bay Area.

Based in Raymond, Maine, Dielectric LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sinclair Broadcast Group. Additionally, Dielectric acquired the RCA TV Antenna Division in 1986 — which manufactured some initial antennas on Sutro Tower and were in use until 2009 when new Dielectric antennas were installed for VHF and UHF television broadcasting.

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What's the Latest on ATSC 3.0?

TV Technology answers questions about “Next Gen TV” in new guide

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Engineers are curious by nature, and we often share information about new technologies that may not necessarily be radio-centric but still of interest to broadcasters in general.

In that vein, readers may want to check out TV Technology’s new ebook focused on the latest developments on ATSC 3.0.

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“Next Gen TV” is now at the “rubber hits the road” stage, so this is a good time to learn about the standard and its applications. 

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